Sunday, October 12, 2003

When you have thought and thought and thought about the solution to a problem or to the answer for a question or seem to have looked at something from as many different angles as possible - you are only partially correct in your thinking that there are no more ways to look at what you are pondering - since at that moment - that is all that you are able to see - give yourself a few seconds - minutes - days - weeks - months - years - maybe till the end of your life and you most probably will come up with at least one more answer - it just takes time for the answers you have come up with so far to move far enough away from your mind's eye - step aside - before you are able to see what is waiting beyond those answers - for you to catch a glimpse of it or them and have the new answers revealed to you! -

Time figures into so many things that we are so blind to it's effect at any one moment that we are in - and yet it is always important not to go beyond that particular moment that we are living in or we will be missing a great deal of the life and times we are living in -

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